High School, Maturing, and Other Stuffs

So, I have officially graduated from middle school (or junior high school, if you like.)


Alright, I was very enthusiastic then. I got a really good mark on my national exam and I wasn’t a student anymore by June 13, while awaiting applying dates for high school. And since I got a really good mark, I pretty much am sure where I’m heading to.

Tip: It’s obviously one of the best school in town. Unlike many other countries where all public schools are equally good (or bad, depends on how you see it, blah blah), it doesn’t really go that well in here. Some schools are favored and some aren’t.

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Rules are Meant to be Broken


It had been a while since I’ve been here, hadn’t it? Sorry.

This time, there’s no moaning about teenagers these days. Today, I’m going to talk about people in general. As in, Indonesians. Or, infrastructure. Both, actually. These photos will start from my journey home from school chronologically.

this could be very dangerous. seriously.

this could be very dangerous. seriously.

This sidewalk is one that I often use to and from school. When I’m running out of time, I obviously would run so that I won’t miss the gate, yes? And what if, what if, I slipped on that dangerous, broken sidewalk, and ended up with a sprained ankle? Guys?

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Feelings: A Theory

As a growing teenager, I’m bound to meet other teenagers, boy or girl. And as how Indonesian culture is, I am supposed to like boys.

(No, but, I do like boys. I do.)

I will admit that several boys in my school do look good. At the very least, decent. Some have talents that go with their pretty faces as well. Sadly, however, I do not belong in the ‘pretty’ or ‘popular’ or ‘pretty and popular’ (the latter which most boys prefer) categories. Ha-ha.

Not that I mind, though. I am not exactly someone who would like all the spotlight directed to her. Although yes, sometimes I do wish I get one of the lights, most times I don’t. They and I are from different worlds. I prefer reading, writing, actually learning something, be left on my own or have my own small group of friends; they most likely prefer gossiping, hanging out in big packs, or make people feel bad. You know, your classic Plastics.  Continue reading

Mathematics, English, and I

English has always been my forte since elementary school. Hell, since I was in kindergarten. Let me tell you a story first, alright?

When I was little, the whole family speak English except of me and my big sister (obviously) teased me about my inability to speak that particular language. I mean, I was born to a multilingual family; my parents speak to each other in Javanese, we all communicate with Indonesian, and to the outside world we sometimes use Sundanese and when my paternal grandfather is around, my dad would mix up some Chinese words with Indonesian and Javanese. I understood all if not some of them (except Chinese. I’m really bad at it. I don’t even know how to read my Chinese name.) but I was still rubbish at English. (Not that I’m excellent at it either right now, but I can say I am way better.) So yes, that drives me to learn this foreign language.

At one point in my life, I was better in another language (Japanese) than English and actually had started to implement it in my real life, but then I found American tv shows.

So I started to watch them, and another, and another, until I was very accustomed to hearing English. Yes, I’ve watched several English-speaking tv shows and movies before, but that was because I followed my siblings and/or parents. This time I chose the shows and movies on my own.


And then I started to interact with people online in English. Albeit rubbish, people understand what I wanted to say, which is a good thing. So I kept on going and going until I was quite good at it, and I actually speak English daily (or rather type in English daily). I would’ve loved a native speaker as a partner, but my current friends are enough for me right now.

(PS: any native volunteers?)

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First Post!

Hello, world. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dyah Ayu Saraswati, Dyah for short. At this moment, I’m fifteen years old and I’m currently a student in SMP Negeri 5 Bandung (5 State Junior High School).

To be honest, I made this blog because it’s an assignment from my teacher. (Sorry, Ma’am. You rock.) I’ve been blogging for years, but, of course–I forgot my passwords. Sue me.

Anyway, it’s a first post. I would have written more, but I’m not a fan of posting from my phone; lagging, hello? 2k15 and lags still exist?

Well, that’s it, I guess. If you’d like to see me more, c’mere.

~Dyah Ayu Saraswati